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Director | Producer | Screenwriter | Post-Production Specialist 


My name is Brandon Douglas, I'm a seasoned Video Professional with over fourteen years of experience in the world of video production, I've worn many hats along the way, from editing to shooting, motion graphics, visual effects, directing, and producing. My educational journey led me to Biola University, Snyder School, where I graduated with a degree in Cinema and media Arts, focusing on Production, and has allowed me to delve deep into the art of storytelling through video. 


I've directed and produced two feature films alongside my commercial work endeavors. Ever since I was twelve, I've known that I want to pursue a video production career for the rest of my life. This early revelation ignited a passion that guided me through a diverse and dynamic journey in visual storytelling. I'm continuously striving to innovate and optimize my production processes for efficiency, precision, and maintaining a consistent quality standard. This involves harnessing the latest AI tools, plugins, and cutting-edge processes.

Other Things About Me:​

  • In April 2022, I married the greatest wife.

  • My wife and I are avid hikers and love the outdoors. We frequently mean to get lost in places to bring out adventure. 

  • I collect old vintage film cameras.

  • "The Office" is a favorite, offering a dose of humor and a welcome escape from the daily grind.

  • In my spare time in converting an adventure van, a vessel for future travels and fresh video endeavors.

  • I'm a little bit of a gearhead. I can talk about the latest camera equipment, computers, random products, and appliances.

  • I build computers and am very tech-savvy including multiple DIY projects.

  • I'm a huge movie buff. I can definitely talk shop.



Snyder School Cinema & Media Arts
Biola University

Able to work with RED cinema cameras, worked with professional editing software, and concept design. Learned pipelines through the Pre-Production, Production, and Post-Production workflow. Grasp on Advanced Directing and storytelling as a visual medium. A clear understanding of sound capture and design with music, sound effects, and folly.


Santa Rosa JC

I earned my Associate's degree, with coursework that covered a range of media-related subjects, including media appreciation, and digital filmmaking,

My Production Expertise

The following are areas I excel in with over 10,000 hours in the field.

Pre Production

After the initial concept pitch and scope of the project, I then outline the budget, deadline, and understanding of the audience and where the project will live. Then comes scriptwriting, storyboarding, conceptualization, and development of visual pitches, mood boards, and tone boards. Ultimately with a sign-off of approval.


Working closely with my team of actors, interviewees, and talented crew members. As a director, I guide the creative aspects, ensuring the project aligns with our vision. Collaboration is key during this phase, and it's where I see the script and storyboards come to life in a dynamic and exciting way.

Post Production

Securely offloading and backing up our valuable footage, create proxies and dailies to simplify the editing process. Ultimately cutting together the first initial rough draft. After extensive notes and feedback, then transition into polishing including, coloring, motion, graphics, visual effects, and any other finishing touches such as music and sound design.  

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